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Whether you are in the throes of a health care crisis, or are trying to plan for an uncertain future, our compassionate and caring elder law attorneys have the experience and tools to put your mind at ease.

Elder Law, Medicaid, and Long Term Elder Care

Today, it is a common occurrence for an older couple or individual who has planned and saved for retirement to find themselves in a financial crisis when long term care is required. As the prices of long term elder care are rapidly increasing, it is no wonder that this unsettling scenario has seniors and those planning for retirement confused and concerned about the future.  From understanding how to plan for the future, or filling out a Medicaid Application, Voyant Legal is here to help. 

The Facts About Long Term Elder Care

Today, seniors are living longer and facing unique health care challenges. Debilitating chronic illnesses like diabetes, heart disease, and Alzehimer’s or dementia can quickly drain a life savings. The escalating costs of assisted care facilities is nothing short of overwhelming. Do you have a current savings or retirement plan that accounts for this common scenario?

Americans are expected to spend $44 billion out of pocket this year on Alzheimer’s and dementia care alone. Chronic illnesses are straining people’s ability to pay for quality care. Qualified elder law attorneys can get you the help you need. Let us help you put a stop to your nest egg evaporating for room and board. Take a deep breath, give us a call, and remember that this is what we do. You are in good hands with Voyant‘s legal services. 

Voyant Legal Can Help Them, And You

We can help. Our legal consulting team can accurately assess your financial and medical situation to determine what programs will work for you. We will implement a comprehensive plan that considers your legacy wishes as well as your immediate needs. Additionally, we help connect you to other resources that can help with a successful Medicaid claim. 

Crisis Planning and Proactive Planning

If you are already in a financial crisis, time is of the essence. When faced with a long-term care crisis, decisions made in haste by a caregiver can often do more harm than good. We help people in crisis by:

  • Evaluating your current asset and income picture to help you make good decisions about care options. 
  • Reviewing your current long-term care plans to see what assets may be protected.
  • Helping determine the best assistance programs for you to relieve the heavy financial burden.

We are also firm believers in proactive planning. Why wait for a health care crisis to happen?  Our elder law attorneys can help you create a plan that will not only protect what is important to you, but that will alleviate the financial stress that can occur if you or a loved one falls ill. Medicaid Benefits are coordinated with other public benefits, and everyone’s situation is unique. Our legal consulting team will create a plan specifically for you that is updated periodically to reflect changes in your personal circumstances as well as the Medicaid legal landscape.

Why Medicaid For Assisted Living?

Medicaid is the only government program that will pay for assisted living care long term. Costs for long-term care are exploding at a rate much higher than other costs. As a result, many seniors may not be able to afford to pay privately for long term care and need to turn to Medicaid for assisted living. It can be much more cost effective to hire quality legal services than to pay out of pocket for long term care.

It is difficult to know where to begin your search for accurate information concerning your rights to Medicaid benefits. Medicaid is complex, and dealing with bureaucratic red tape while also dealing with day-to-day care of a loved one can lead to undue stress and illness for the individual acting as caregiver. It is our job to keep up with the continually changing legal landscape surrounding these benefits and ensure that you are able to find financial peace of mind. Call today to schedule your virtual or in person consultation. 

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