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In our experience, most people know on some level that they need to put an estate plan in place to protect their families and assets. Despite this knowledge, most procrastinate doing so. The reasons for this procrastination are many and varied, but nearly all center around feelings of uncertainty about how to proceed. At Voyant Legal, we know that getting started on your estate plan is a big step. For that reason, we designed our planning process to minimize discomfort and to help you feel confident in the planning process each step of the way. We love to educate our clients and help them understand the “whys” and “hows” of estate planning. We carefully review every decision with you and yet the entire process is usually completed in 8 weeks. In most cases your documents are ready to sign after just 4 weeks. That means that within just one month of your first meeting with your Voyant Legal Attorney, your family can be totally protected.

The planning process itself begins with an initial meeting (called a Legacy Planning Session) with your Voyant Legal Attorney, Michael Haslam or Nathan Croxford. During your Legacy Planning Session, we determine together whether there is a good fit between you and our firm, and if so, we evaluate your specific circumstances to determine if there was anything you dislike about your current plan (or the state’s plan for you if you do not yet have any plan of your own). From there we help you get clear on what you would want to happen if something happened to you and help you to choose the planning level and fee range that is right for your family. We have different planning levels and fee ranges to accommodate your needs. We work on flat-fees and our plans are all-inclusive, so there are no surprises or hidden costs. Together, we will then design a plan that will give you the peace of mind you want and need to feel comfortable that your family will be taken care of in the event the unthinkable happens.

Depending on the level of planning you choose and the complexity of your situation, a second design meeting may be needed to review your more complex financial matters.

Once your plan has been designed to your satisfaction, you will return to our office about 3-4 weeks later to sign your planning documents. At this point, your family and your assets will be totally protected in the case of your death or incapacity.

In most estate planning law firms, the relationship ends there. But we see the signing of these documents as the beginning of our relationship with you and your family. This is where our law firm is very different.

After you sign your legal documents, we do not just send you on your way and wish you luck for the future. Instead, we create an electronic record of all of your legal documents so you can easily access them anytime you need to in the future.

Finally, we schedule a delivery meeting. This is one of the most important meetings in our entire process because at this meeting we:

  1. Ensure your assets are all owned in the right way (you can have the best set of legal documents, but if your assets are not owned in the right way, it is all for naught);
  2. Make sure that everyone you have named as a guardian to take care of your kids using the money you leave behind knows just what to do if and when something happens to you.
  3. Present your finished binder with your original trust, will, powers of attorney, health care directive, health care privacy waivers, funding documents, and more!
  4. Make sure you understand everything that we have helped you
    put in place for your family.

But even then we are still not done! We meet with you at least every three years to review your plan and make sure it stays up-to-date. Regular check-ups prevent so many problems down the road and ensure that your plan actually works when it is needed.

At Voyant Legal, we do exactly what our tagline states . . . estate planning that works.

We look forward to working with you!

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