Three Levels of Estate Planning

Estate Planning at Voyant Legal is not one-plan-fits-all. We offer 3 levels of estate planning to suit your varying needs.

Customized Legal Services

At Voyant Legal, we want to make sure that all of our clients’ needs and goals are fulfilled. For that reason, we provide varying levels of service that are based on flat rates to ensure that there are never surprises from your attorney in the estate planning process.


Will-Based Estate Plan

For the family who:

Doesn’t have assets that would have to go through the court process called probate, but do want to guarantee their minor children are well cared-for by those they feel most comfortable with such a large responsibility. Our legal services ensure ones own personal health care wishes are turned into directives and, if the client becomes incapacitated, their children or close loved ones can access their assets using a durable power of attorney.

Your family plan:

A will-based estate plan that provides the peace of mind of knowing we offer legal consulting to help you navigate the system during life, and for your family after you’re gone. The will plan also indicates healthcare directives and power of attorney so that you know that you are well taken care of if you become incapacitated.


Trust- Based Estate Plan

For the family who:

Wants the total assurance and peace of mind knowing their family wealth will be transferred to heirs with the most ease and convenience possible in the privacy of our office without probate or court involvement. Clients choosing this type of estate plan may also opt to protect their beneficiary’s inheritance from lawsuits, spouses, and estate taxes.

Your trust plan:

Is a trust-based estate plan that provides the peace of mind of knowing our legal consulting team is here to help you navigate the legal system during life and for your family after you are gone. This plan also includes legal services related to wills, health care directives, and power of attorney. Voyant Legal is committed to making sure you are well taken care of in addition to your assets. All asset transfers will be handled by you, with unlimited legal consulting, guidance, and support from us. The child protection plan may also be included as a legal service to establish guardianship and ensure your children are not taken from your home and are raised by the people you want.


Trust- Based ESTATE Plan

For the family who:

Wants the total assurance of mind of the trust plan and also all comfort of knowing that assets are protected from any legal lawsuits and not subject to government review if further assistance is needed. This estate plan is appropriate for families who worry about protecting their assets from possible lawsuits or protect them from total exhausted measures for ones care.

Your wealth plan:

Includes all of the components of the trust plan, plus our estate planning attorneys analyze how each of your assets is titled or designated. As part of this type of estate plan, we prepare an asset spreadsheet confirming what you own and how it is held. Then we complete all of the forms and requests necessary to transfer every asset and designate every beneficiary for the maximum protection of your family and your assets, while offering ongoing legal consulting as your assets or circumstances change. 

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