Elder Law

At Voyant Legal, we take your best interests into account and strive to protect the assets of the senior population.

Elder Law and Estate Planning Attorney

One of the toughest decisions your family will have to make is when to put your loved one into a nursing home. Most of us view putting mom into a nursing home as breaking an unspoken rule. However, the reality remains that 70% of Americans who reach the age of 65 will need long-term care at some time in their lives, over 40% in a nursing home. As elder law planning attorneys, we handle a wide range of services affecting the legal care of elder law such as review of documents, signing of documents, and preparation for filing tax returns.

Estate Planning After Death

Long-term care is an essential part of estate planning after death and can have a serious impact on your finances and quality of life. If correct planning is not completed, resources needed for the spouse to stay at home could be lost. An important element to this planning is Medicaid. Utah’s Medicaid rules are very complex and often changing. Before a loved one is placed into a nursing home it is important to consult with an attorney to determine if Medicaid planning is right for you even if you don’t think you qualify. If you’re a vet or the spouse of a vet, you could also qualify for up to $2,100 per month through VA Benefits.

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Death Tax

Death tax, also known as an estate tax, is levied on the estate of a person who has recently passed away. Hiring an experienced estate attorney like Voyant Legal is a good way to save time and money by preparing death taxes. Elder Law also includes having an attorney’s help with following issues: 


Reverse mortgages

Medicare eligibility and appeals

Medicaid eligibility and planning strategies

Long-term care insurance

Disability planning

Investment Planning Abuse

Knowledge of senior programs and services

Retirement living

Utah State conservator and guardianship laws

Financial abuse and fraud on seniors

Late-life marriages and property disputes

Nursing home rights

Age discrimination

Grandparent visitation rights

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