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Where there’s a will, there’s a probate. 

What Does Probate Mean?

Probate is an important legal procedure that must take place after someone passes away. It is the process of proving in a court of law the validity of the will if there is one. Property is appraised, and debt and taxes are accounted for. Then the remaining property is distributed as the will directs. If there is no will, state law will take over from there. Probate requires the filing of legal paperwork as well as possible court appearances. All of your private and personal matters become public as you try to sort out how to move forward.   

Probate in Utah

Probate in Utah is a court-supervised process that helps to ensure the legal transfer of assets from the deceased to the rightful heirs or beneficiaries. Probate in Utah, will be necessary to:


Prove the validity of the last will and testament


Appoint a personal representative to manage the estate – known as the “executor” or, if there is no will, the “administrator”


Ensure a proper Inventory and appraisal of the estate property


Appoint a personal representative to manage the estate – known as the “executor” or, if there is no will, the “administrator”


Pay any outstanding debts or taxes owed by the estate – this includes estate taxes


Distribute the property as directed by the will—or by state statute if there is no will

Probate in Utah, can be fairly simple and completed quickly or take years and be very complex. It is wise to consult an experienced attorney at the beginning of the process to determine which category your situation will best fit into.

Choosing The Right Attorney For Your Probate Case

The best way to ensure your probate is done right is to choose your attorney wisely. Different attorneys have experience in different areas of the law. If you choose a lawyer with little to no real experience in regard to probate, wills and trusts, or estate planning you take the risk that their missteps will cause real problems for you, and your case may take much longer than it needs to. This can be an expensive mistake. 

Also, many people don’t realize that you do not have to use the attorney who prepared the will as your probate lawyer. What is more important than who prepared the last will and testament is who are you most comfortable with handling your probate case? You need to be confident that they are the right attorney for you. Choosing your probate attorney is an important decision and if you put in time and effort in deciding, you will be rewarded with a skillful probate guide to help you navigate the probate process in a timely manner. 

Get Your Probate Case Started with Voyant Legal

 If you’re ready to get started with the probate process after the passing of a loved one, please feel free to contact our Farmington, Utah office at (801) 951-0500 or Click Here to schedule a complimentary case review. We want to make this process as seamless as possible for you and your loved ones. 

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