Legal Guidance Following the Death of a Loved One

When a loved one passes away, it is a great comfort to know that you and your family are in the hands of an experienced, trusted legal advisor. At Voyant Legal, your family is our top priority. 

What Do I Do Now? Legal Actions After Death

The death of a loved one is always a difficult time, especially if you are the executor or trustee of a will or trust. After a death, the legal process of probate will be used to determine the validity of any legal documents, evaluate the estate, and determine beneficiaries. It can be difficult to know where to start. There are many emotions which make it difficult to think clearly, and every family faces its own unique set of challenges. More than ever, you need an experienced lawyer that you are comfortable with. One who will come alongside you with compassion and sensitivity. 

Expert Legal Services and Compassionate Guidance

Legally, there are many things that must be done after the death of a loved one. At Voyant Legal, we hold a preliminary, “next steps” meeting with our clients to gather all of the pertinent information and explain the process ahead. Through our conversations our estate planning lawyers come to understand your family dynamics, needs and desires. Based on what we learn in these conversations, we outline our recommendations, including all legal fees, deadlines, and responsibilities. Whether you need help with Probate or Trust Administration, Voyant Legal will provide the care and legal guidance a family needs to get through this difficult time.

Estate Administration that is Right for You

Voyant Legal is experienced at administering estates, wills and trusts, probate, division of assets, and more. We can answer your questions concerning inheritance taxes (also known as death taxes). We work with the family and other advisors to transfer assets as quickly as possible, resolve outstanding issues, and ensure that all legal requirements are satisfied within the legal deadlines. You can rely on a calm and experienced legal advisor who will ease the stress and confusion and navigate the legal requirements with you.

We also realize that in your grief you are experiencing stress and heightened emotions, not to mention the strife that often threatens to pull families apart during their time of bereavement. You are not just beneficiaries to us. This is not just an estate. Our goal as estate planning attorneys is to help keep families together when they need each other the very most.

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