Have you ever thought of writing your own obituary? This in itself seems like an absurd idea, especially if you’re fit and still in your younger years. By writing your own obituary, you can control how you’re remembered after death.

 You may think that your family will remember you fondly no matter what, but the truth is that our memories are imperfect. A good example of this would be a woman named Renee, whose obituary turned out to be quite interesting, if not surprising. Her son wrote a comical and seemingly vindictive obituary where they mentioned the majority of her wrongdoings and mistakes she made in her life. Here are more reasons why writing your own obituary is a good idea.

Nobody Knows You Like You

You know yourself better than anybody else does, so why not be the one to write your own obituary? You can choose to focus on the positive aspects of your life. By writing your own obituary, you ensure all the important details about your life are included.

Comfort Your Survivors

Writing an obituary gives your children and family a glimpse into your own thoughts about death and your funeral. It also gives you a chance to let them know what is and isn’t important to you. It allows you to take some of the burdens off their shoulders at a time when they will be grieving. They’ll have a better idea of what to include in the eulogy.

Control How You’re Remembered

How do you want to be remembered? As a kind and loving person? A successful businessperson? A world traveler? All of the above? By writing your own obituary, you can control how you’re remembered by those who knew you.

Write Your Last Wishes

Your obituary is the perfect place to write your last wishes. Do you want your ashes to be scattered in a certain place? Is there a specific funeral home you would like or a specific place for your memorial?


Writing an obituary can be a therapeutic way to deal with your own mortality, and it can also be a way to ensure that your life is remembered exactly as you want it. During this time, you could also think about your advance directive or living will to ensure everything is in order. Check out https://voyantlegal.com/ if you need help with any legal document while writing your obituary.